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What is 0% Financing?

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If you’ve been shopping around for a new car lately, you’ve most likely come across a variety of incredible special offers and incentives such as zero percent financing. Zero percent financing is currently one of the most popular incentives in the car industry, and it suggests that you can actually …

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How To Understand Your Credit Reports

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Understanding the information contained in each of your 3 credit reports is crucial. Although it is the responsibility of the credit bureaus to ensure that the information they have about you is true and up-to-date – after all those inaccuracies could cost you thousands, that’s not going to happen. Credit …

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How the Credit System Works

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What is Credit History? Your credit history is a record of how you’ve handled the repayment of your debt. It is essentially the history you’ve established with the 3 major credit bureaus by either paying or not paying your bills on time, or not paying at all. Make no mistake …

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Commonly Asked Questions About Credit

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Charge Off Questions What is a charge off? A charge-off is an unpaid debt on your account that has been cancelled by the creditor. It’s the result of not making your credit card payment for several months – usually six months in a row. The creditor writes off the debt …

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing Credit

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When cleaning up your credit report, you’ll want to avoid doing anything that could get in the way of accomplishing the ultimate goal, which is to get negative items deleted from your credit report. This means you need to avoid inadvertently making mistakes that could turn out to be very …

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Top Ten Strategies to Increase Credit Score

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Credit Score has completely taken over as the primary means by which credit decisions are made. It is an ever-more important aspect of our financial life. Many people struggle with poor or average credit scores, but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think to improve your credit score. …

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Understanding Credit Score

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Your credit score is one of the most critical factors in your financial life because it determines whether your credit application will be approved, what loans you will qualify for, and the interest rate you will pay. In essence, the higher your credit score, the more competitive interest rates and …

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How to Remove Bad Information From Your Credit Report

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Removing inaccurate or erroneous information from your credit report is the first step towards cleaning up your credit report and ultimately increasing your credit score. Chances are that your report has inaccurate information that you can dispute. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a law which protects the rights …

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